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Phone: +380 (44) 581-15-51
Skype: GramatskiyLawFirm
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16 Mykhailivska Street
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At Gramatskiy and Partners Law Firm, our commitment to excellence begins with our people. We hire outstanding lawyers and arrange for them the best training, provide a creative and friendly work environment.

One of the Law Firm's objectives, as is laid down in its mission, is to build a company that will attract, develop, encourage, motivate and retain extraordinary people. The first step in achieving these objectives is the selection of the best candidates who share Our values.

We are always looking for people with an analytical mind, who are able to break a problem into its components. We need evidence that a person is able to structure events and processes, and (in a broader sense) understands business, that is, realizes how his/her legal solutions can be implemented.

Our approach to recruiting is based on the following principles:

  • serious selectivity in recruitment;
  • strategy of educating our own personnel, without active involvement of employees of the required level from outside;
  • the Firm's growth is determined by the speed of personnel development and their introduction into the team;
  • the only possible hierarchy of priorities for all employees of the Firm, in descending order: "Client – Law Firm – you";
  • intensive use of training and mentoring as socialization processes;
  • abandoning "system of stars" with individualistic behavior;
  • avoiding mergers for the sake of maintaining the internal culture of cooperation;
  • careful selection of services and markets to get a decisive advantage due to concentrated investments in selected areas;
  • competitive pay, which depends mainly on the team's performance, rather than on individual achievements;
  • investment in research, analytical development and knowledge management;
  • developed internal Firm communication using a wide range of techniques for consensus building.

If you are looking for opportunities to build an exciting legal career, you have come to the right place. Show your above average intelligence, present outstanding educational results from a renowned university, evidence of achievements from previous employment, demonstrate extraordinary analytical skills – and fortune will smile upon you. If you are interested in competitive, challenging, but interesting work, let us know about this by sending a letter to:


Corporate standards at Gramatskiy and Partners Law Firm are higher than generally accepted professional ethical requirements. For us, these are not just external attributes or living the necessary reality, but a special internal attitude, legal consciousness, perception of yourself and your mission in society.

We are convinced that law and jurisprudence are the legend handed to us by the great ones, based on service to an individual and on faith in him or her as a bearer of freedom and dignity. Our true purpose is to inherit the blessing and to bear the service entrusted to us with dignity.

Anyone, who was ranked among us and was granted a fate of service with the gift received, was not deceived by the alleged prestige of the legal profession, but understood the true meaning of the words: "Anyone who wants to be first must be the very last, and the servant of all". But it is not enough to have a gift, and it is not enough to be destined. The gift should be disclosed, and the destiny should be fulfilled.

L.Ye. Vladimirov, in the introduction to his outstanding work "Advocatus Miles" (1911), wrote: Medieval lawyers used to say "Advocatus miles". A lawyer is a warrior of law. Standing guard over private interests. There is the life of the state, the life of society and personal life – of an individual. It is accepted, if not to think, then to say that the latter in its significance is a seemingly secondary matter; but this trivial view is not only wrong, but even hypocritical. Personal lives of people are the atom of both the state and social lives. Only its complete security from physical evils and human abuse of powers in all its manifestations provides a solid foundation to community life. Ancient traditions of our professional classes always dictated that we despise administrative abuse of powers. But in the world there also exists judicial abuse of powers, which is more terrible as it is always covered from all sorts of complaints by impenetrable shell – technical legality. But legality opposing justice, moreover, in a form that is impeccable on the part of legal language, constitutes oppression even more severe than explicit administrative abuse of powers. Explanation of a law is often a malicious perversion of its explicit meaning. Defending the interests of an individual in all authorities, before the prosecution and before the court – this is the true mission of a defender, a mission as honorable as it is difficult. There is no greater power in a state by the degree of destructive power, by irresponsibility than judicial power. A judge exercising his powers even in an impeccably legal form, is a Master over a person with almost unlimited powers. Therefore, life puts a lawyer, a figure protecting those who get under the sword of justice, in front of him. This figure in a state, society and in a court, itself is almost constantly showered with a hail of moral reproaches and even scolding, simply because he is everywhere and constantly fights against prejudice, routine, unilateralism and abuse of power. But scolding is bad evidence, and the greatest judge of human affairs, history, knowing nothing of tactics of the selfishness of prosperous classes, always with love stopped its gaze on a warrior of law, fighting tirelessly for someone who was already defeated and anticipating a blow from the hand of justice, punishing lavishly, sparing stingily.

Who had never been a defender, who did not experience an exhilarating joy understanding assistance provided to the oppressed, he would not understand what gives the lawyer the strength to bear the arrogance of bureaucracy, which is trying to express legal profession its internal disrespect through icy words and gestures, as if restrained by good manners alone.

In the most difficult moments of his life, a lawyer can comfort himself with a joyful understanding that he always responded to the yells of life and "called mercy to the fallen".

"To experience an exhilarating joy, understanding assistance provided to the oppressed"; "to bear the arrogance of bureaucracy"; "to call mercy to the fallen". Our services are different, but the spirit is the same: intercession, assistance and protection. This path requires titanic courage, patience and honesty. The legal profession stands on guard of the Word, for which it is persecuted and is never allowed to enter through the wide gates. However, we are not looking for them.

A lawyer's uniform certainly requires liberal views. The highest form of our patriotism is that we, as an institution of civil society, reveal the inflexibility of procedures in our patrimonial estate. Considering the status of the business class in our country, Ukrainian legal profession has been fighting the battle of David against Goliath on the side of a deliberately weak, oppressed and bullied business sector for decades.

If you have not yet decided on your true purpose in life or you are not ready to do this job with joy, then, it's better not to start. There are many other paths – more beautiful, rewarding and easier. The last will be first, and the first will be last, because many are called, but few are chosen.


You will never work alone at Gramatskiy and Partners Law Firm. Everything that happens in the Firm is related to teamwork, starting with the performance of the client's assignment and ending with decisions as to the company's internal policy. We rely on our teams, because this is the best way to solve problems for our clients and for the Firm.

Each of us is bound to make a contribution to the success of others. We work as true partners, and not as a group of independent agents under the same name. The Firm will not be able to help its employees succeed if we do not help each other ourselves.

Efficiency is our highest priority, and we continue looking for ways when our lawyers may identify new strategies, new approaches and different ways of working together to achieve optimal results. At the same time, all employees should be prepared to account for the quality of their work to achieve set objectives.

The establishment of a team of professionals requires not so much good knowledge of the theory of law, as persistence and hard work. The team differs from any other group of people by the existence of common standards, objectives and shared responsibility for the result.

Mutual trust and delegation are the backbone of teamwork in the Law Firm. The essence of trust is the ability to demonstrate one's vulnerability without fear. If team members trust each other, they are not afraid to acknowledge their own weaknesses, as they know that even if they fail, they will not be blamed. a lack of selfish desire to succeed at the expense of colleagues is the condition of such trust. However, the development of confidential relations is hindered by the natural desire of a person to avoid risks and to protect one's own interests. To overcome this obstacle, our leaders show personal examples of what it means to trust colleagues.

It is impossible to gather random people, to make them solve a task, and to expect excellent results at the same time. Every day we must decide what knowledge and skills we currently need and who has them to put the best team together for the project.

From this comes our special sense of team spirit and pride, which arose on the grounds of common values and desire for maximum internal cooperation and encouragement of mutual support. From the first day, each of our professionals acquires a sense of succession: this Firm, its reputation and traditions are inherited from previous generations and should be preserved and passed on.


Our task is not to find and retain talent, our task is to build a talented firm.

We also know from our own experience that those trying to get everything at once never succeed, but those, who steadily and constantly develop, based on previous achievements, do. We consider personal and professional development not as a requirement, but as an advantage and a challenge provided to us through our work in the Firm.

Since clients hire people, not firms, our success depends on each lawyer individually. Therefore, generally speaking, it is not the "Firm's strategy" that is important, but the career development strategies of each particular lawyer. And the Firm will succeed only if its employees are able to annually increase their value for clients, the Firm and the market.

In turn, it follows that the Firm's role is to help its employees with professional growth. The Firm exists to help its personnel achieve success. But at the same time, the Firm has the right to expect that all of its employees will draw up individual development plans, and to demand accountability for the implementation of these plans from them.

All that we have is our reputation. And there is nothing more important in life than the way a person does his/her job. It is the only measure of our value. This is where professionalism becomes apparent, and this is the most important thing. In our area of professional services, every employee should work on himself/herself throughout life. As soon as we stop on what we have achieved, relying on the skills developed in the past year, our qualification starts to fall steadily. No matter how old we are – twenty, forty or sixty years old – we all need to constantly ask ourselves: "What new skills can I acquire?" And the Firm has the right to ask each of us the same, including the President.

Therefore, personnel development starts on the first working day and includes not only professional training, but also personal growth. We do everything to ensure that the role of an employee in the Law Firm meets his/her abilities and desires.

Our employees should be motivated to constantly improve themselves and (secondarily) the Firm and the world around us. If you work for Gramatskiy and Partners Law Firm, then solving tasks is not one of your duties that are part of your work, it is your work. In other words, whatever you face, you should always look for ways to improve it. You should always ask the following questions: "Why have we or the client done something exactly this way, and not in another way? Is it the best choice for solving the problem? Could this be improved, simplified or upgraded somehow?". This should become integral to your work.

Everyone should somehow participate in the development of our business, namely, to attract new high-quality orders and win excellent clients, which would help us to learn, grow and reach new heights. Key lawyers, who manage performance of a client's assignments, are obliged to constantly educate themselves and to see that others develop new skills. Thus, increasing the human capital of the Firm. We sell skills and talent, not time. We introduce mechanisms allowing leaders of practices and leading lawyers to monitor fulfillment of this duty.


Seminars, conferences, foreign language courses, business education and research work are only the minimum expectations for individual development for every employee of the Firm. In all cases, tutoring (mentoring) is the key instrument of such development.

You can be a walking encyclopedia or a legislative database – and not succeed as a professional. The economic value of a Firm's lawyer is determined not so much by what they know, as by what they really can do: communicate effectively with clients and colleagues, plan and implement projects, win trust and affection of clients, feel their needs, make thousands of decisions and overcome stress. As such, professional knowledge is broadcast fairly easily; at the same time, it is possible to acquire professional skills only in the process of working together through empathy and feeling someone else's experience, and his/her subjective emotions.

Specialization deprives us of legal science, that is, of "law administration", it gives us more and more information in kilobytes, but less knowledge, which is the understanding of links between different fragments of legal reality. It is necessary to be sufficiently well read to replace the whole world for a client. In a law firm, only information is important, who knows (or can do) what. That is why we develop internal procedures, competence schemes and software solutions to make the individual experience of employees a collective heritage of the Firm, a corporate program of professional legacy.

If it were possible to measure intellectual legacy of the whole Firm, it would be its aggregate expertise – total professional value of all our lawyers multiplied by the synergy of practices and industries. The team becomes a team when it has an internal mechanism for acquiring and transferring new skills and technologies.

Considering the aforementioned, a great deal of attention in Gramatskiy and Partners Law Firm is paid to mentoring – the highest manifestation of professional communication, one of the main markers of intensity and quality of corporate communication in any law firm. This is the most labor intensive, but also the most important investment in the future of the Firm, its institutional health.

We organized a continuous process of training, mentoring and coaching. Young lawyers who start their career, on their way to work on a specific project are given mentors – experienced lawyers who will advise, guard and evaluate them. A mentor is responsible for official promotion and development of the student outside the framework of standard relationships of a head and a subordinate. As a rule, a tutor (mentor) is an employee, who reached the level of the leader of practice. One tutor (mentor) can have up to three students.

Mentoring in the Law Firm deals with the following issues:

  • personal and professional development;
  • relationships and working with clients;
  • communication with colleagues and team work;
  • standards for behavior in various complex situations.

Since mentoring is a process that develops and motivates not only new employees of the Firm, but also the mentors themselves, every employee who has reached a certain level will definitely become a tutor (mentor).


Gramatskiy and Partners Law Firm strives to create, educate and strengthen an open, inclusive and tolerant culture in the workplace, supporting contributions to the Firm's development by people with diverse and unique experience. We have a strong belief that personal, social and professional differences between us only strengthen our unity and most importantly, strengthen our ability to grow and to improve in servicing clients.

We create equal opportunities regardless of differences between us on the basis of ethnic background, gender, color, age, race, religion, views and beliefs, special needs, social and regional origins. We also recognize and accept socially conditioned differences based on unique personal characteristics, style of communication and work, previous life, cultural and educational experience, language, economic status, professional ambitions and many other variables that determine the individuality of each person. We are open to the big world in all its diversity and we see this openness as a guarantee of stability and internal development.